Food Parcel Project


We have been working hard to supply food and essential items to our community members suffering the effects of Covid 19 since May 2020. Our project not only tackles food poverty but helps to reduce food waste with surplus food donations from various supermarkets.

It hasn't been easy but we are more than grateful for the help, support and encouragement we have received from volunteers, businesses, other charitable organisations and funders. 

The pandemic may have ended and things are slowly getting back to some sort of normality but we are continuing with our project as our community still require our help and support.

Thanks to all the help we have received, we have been able to distribute an average of 100 Food Parcels every fortnight to vulnerable families and individuals. Some have told us that it has been a life line to them, many of whom would have gone without or struggled to put food on their tables.

Now we face another crisis, rocketing fuel costs and rising inflation, leaving our community members even more vulnerable and in need of our support.


If you are struggling and need our support please Contact Us  

Food & Product Recalls

From time to time we receive details of food & product recalls from our suppliers and donators.  If you are a member of TIC's Food Parcel Project, you may have received these items in your food bag or you may have purchased them from a supermaket or other outlet.

Any items we have been notified about will be listed at the top of this page:


TIC Food Parcels Thanks You