Are you a TiC Food Parcel Member?

If so you could receive support and advice to help you keep warm and reduce your energy bills this winter.

We will be distributing a limited number of Warm Winter Packs containing some of the following items which will help to reduce your energy use and help to reduce your energy bills:



Keeping your hot drinks in a flask can reduce the number of times you need to boil a kettle saving electricity


By using a blanket or duvet to keep warm you could turn the thermometer down reducing on either gas or electric. 


Hot Water Bottles

Using a hot water bottle to can help to keep you warm during the day and keep you warm at night too.


Radiator Bleed Keys

Bleeding your gas radiators can help them work more efficiently. If they are not heating up properly or they have cold spots, they may require bleeding.

Radiator Aluminium 

Using radiator aluminium at the back of your radiators help to heat your rooms better. The heat at the back of your radiators will go into the room instead of the wall, meaning you can turn you thermometer down and save money,


Window Draughtproofing

If you have draughty windows these can help prevent the heat from escaping, helping to maintain the heat better in your rooms, therefore using less gas or electric.


If you are a member of TiC's Food Parcels and could benefit from any of the above items, please apply via the message sent to you on Whatsapp. If you have not received the message or you require more information, please contact us here or Call/Whatsapp 07493 943 558


Other Advice and Support 

If you are in arrears or struggling to pay your fuel bills you should contact your supplier who may be able to offer you support.

You can could also try the following organisations for advice:-